Saturday, 10 November 2012

Online Income Blog: Beware of the Hype!

Online Income Blog Content Creation... and the Power of Persistence
When you're just learning how to make money with your online income blog, the power of persistence is golden. Undoubtedly, you've seen online income blog advertisements that promise money coming out of the sky.

But I'm here to tell you that it doesn't happen like that. At least not without the power of persistence.
In fact, statistics reveal that most people, on average, need to be approached seven times before deciding to buy. Seven times? OMG! Who in the heck would ever do that? But that's how the power of persistence can help you in your business, not matter what the business is.
Fortunately, when you have an internet income blog, people can just "sell themselves, as they come back to your blog over and over again. And what's to make sure that happens? Keep in mind, we're living in the entertainment age where people would rather be entertained than sold. For example, do you watch TV for the programs or the commercials? Do you usually leave the room when the commercial starts?
My point exactly. That's why it's important to load up your blog page with lots of images and videos. I like to make sure that every image I insert on my blog also has a video behind it for the curious guy who clicks the image. The more entertaining you can make your post, the more traffic you'll get.
And, the more entertaining you can make your post, the longer people will stay on your blog, which will make Google recognize it as becoming popular, therefore granting a higher ranking.
But where does the power of persistence come into play with your online income blog?
I know how frustrating it can be when you first get your online income blog and you get the feeling that you're just left out here in "left field". And, in reality, you are... until people start noticing your content.
My first blog had an Alexa score of over six million (that means I my site was among the top six million on the net) - whooped do! LOL
I don't what you to go through the struggles that I had to (although a certain amount of struggle is always necessary to achieve success). So it's for this reason that I just want to impress on you a few truths about the power of persistence...
When you first start off with your online income blog, don't be discouraged by these "power of persistence" truths:
1) I didn't start receiving my first comments on my blog site until I was marketing for almost a year.
2) I didn't achieve my first online sale until I'd been marketing for a little over a year.
3) Marketers who tell you that "it's easy" and they're making $15,000 a month and people are just coming out of the woodwork all over the place are telling the truth. However, they just don't tell you about the initial five years they worked night and day blogging and creating videos, and they don't tell you about the $6,000 they spent on online training courses.
"Look Ma, an overnight success! Only took me 5 years!"
4) Even the famous Dave Wood who made all his income with an online income blog took 6 weeks before he even got his first lead.
5) It's not like the "Field of Dreams" (build it and they will come)... you have to learn how to promote your online income blog so it will start bringing you income online.
That's the gist of it.
The reason I'm telling you this is not to discourage you. On the upside, I'm a woman in her late 50's who has now learned how to make large amounts of money online, and I'd like to bring new hope to people like me who believe they might have to work 'till then die and become Wal-Mart greeters in their late 70's.
I'd like to bring you hope because, when it comes to making money with internet sales, you have to be patient, and you have to have faith. And, you have to keep learning.
Because, let's face it, the industry is always changing. I remember when people could make a killing with Google PPC. These days you'll lose everything you got if you go that route before knowing what you're doing. And FaceBook is also tightening up on what ads they will allow.
That's why I believe that an online income blog is the way of the future. While it's a known fact that people tend to want to buy from people they know, like, and trust, your blog is the "internet you"... with your picture, your videos, and your personal stories. There is where it's really important to be yourself... because you don't want to be pegged as a "phony" and start getting thumbs down on your videos!
Why is the Power of Persistence so important with your Online Income Blog?
Because with blogging, your links are bouncing around and it takes time before people start taking notice. In the beginning, if you're used to working at your J-O-B and making money every hour, this sucks. But over time, in the long run, this is really a good thing. Because once your links are out there, people who see your online income blog will want more information, and they'll be selling themselves.
They'll be looking at your images, your videos, and reading your information... while you might be sleeping or even on vacation! So when you stop working, your links keep on working for you!
But now I have a short cut for you with an online income blog to get off to a faster start...
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