Friday, 30 November 2012

How to promote your Blog

How to promote your blog on Facebook!
I believe Facebook can be a big time sucking, attention-grabbing whirlwind, that most new entrepreneurs get caught up in. It deters them from really building their business and promoting their blogs properly. Notice I said NEW entrepreneurs, here's why:
While it may be a great place for the "established" marketers to promote and build their business, it can often be a major distraction to those who are just trying to find their way. Sometimes Facebook can appear to be like those High School years, 

all social and no work. Your friends are there watching your every move. Some may be interested in your business opportunity but for the most part they are there to socialize, while you're trying to build a business.
But What About Business Groups And Community?
There is a tendency to pay too much attention to the success stories others in the community are posting in the group. While the sharing of success stories can be very encouraging at times, it can cause the new person to lose track of their task at hand and even question proven strategies.
What About The Ads... ?
The overwhelming number of very effective ads and copy can side track you. Think about it, you're trying to learn how to write a compelling blog post and there is an ad selling you strategies on how to write compelling blogs. Or, your desire to generate more sales kicks in and there is an ad on how to generate 50,000,000 leads in one day. You're promoting your blog and there is blog post from me on how to promote your blog.

There is no way a person new to Internet Marketing can succeed if they don't rid themselves of the distracting noise and shiny objects in their space. Success in any business requires a tremendous amount of focus and discipline to accomplish consistency in business. That means, a tight leash must be placed on all possible distractions. That includes Facebook.
My Approach To Promoting My Blog On Facebook:
  • I spend a maximum of 15 minutes combined, including activities in my groups
  • Post my content with the page link.
  • I post updates on my page.
  • Leave comments and congrats in my groups.
  • Answer any questions or friend request.
  • Then I'm out... 15 minutes flat.
If I stay any longer I am tapping into time that I should be using to create content for my market. I also submit my post in order to promote my blog. The usual suspects are:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google plus
  • Orkut
  • Bebo

You can also bookmark your site at: 
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • BlogEngage
  • Digg
  • Delicious
My theory is, if your content is valuable, well targeted and syndicated, the right person will find you. Spend more time providing value to your market and less time chasing the market.
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