Friday, 23 November 2012

Be Part of the Blogging Tribe

More and more individuals and companies are venturing onto the web 2.0 worlds. This is the current revolution, and they all have the same goal: as people share and create a personal brand they want to be recognized. The competition is moving onto a new dimension, climb to the top in an honest way. You can do so through quality, creative blogging and article writing. Get going and learn the hidden tricks linked to white hat SEO.

Everyone wants to have name and presence, as we all have a clear idea: if we do not exist in Google then you are out of the game. Are you currently writing blog posts for a small niche? Are you focused on article writing for a global audience? As a good starting point, you should write for a globalized society. Note that if you aim high, your blog will be most likely read by people around the world. Thus, people with different dialects, words and language proficiency levels will be reading your posts.
If you had to write a post about insurance in UK, for example, what terminology would you use? In many places, they use different words for the same thing depending on the latitude of your location. Therefore, do not forget about slangs, variations and so on.
Internet access and 2015 statistics
Blogging and article writing are taking over. Well, this does not stop right here! It is anticipated that by 2015 there will be around 2 billion individuals with internet access. Much of this amount will come from developing countries. The more experienced bloggers are familiar with this scenario. If this is not your case, do not forget to focus on details.
What about blog traffic?
White hat SEO techniques are linked to quality content. Blog traffic can increase and should not just come from the country in which it was created. If you focus on rich content and quality blogging, search engines will begin "liking" the content of your blog, the relevance of other geographical areas is becoming higher.
In terms of slangs, there is no need to be well versed in a specific language to learn the basics of using it. Unless there is a good purpose behind the use of slangs, t is always better to stay away from those words or grammatical forms.
Think SEO
Are you writing a post about cheap car insurance? If this is your case, you should make an extensive keywords research.  You can opt for general keywords and a main one like "car insurance" somewhere. Remember to keep it simple! Use basic and clear language. Do not take anything for granted. Do not assume that your readers have the same local knowledge you have. Note that it is always convenient to express costs in local currency and convert to American dollars.
Yes, freelancers, SEOs, and top of the line editors of article writing companies can be spectacularly talented and they deserve a monument. Yet, you need to ensure plagiarism free content.
Rochella is into freelance writing job since July 2010. She already served a number of clients across the globe. Though she can write topics in different niches, she enjoys writing women's interest the most.


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