Friday, 16 November 2012

Earning Money With Your Blog

Start by defining your audience carefully. You could have your readers answer to surveys about their demographics, their habits and the kind of products they would be interested in purchasing. This will give you a better idea of what kind of people are interested in your blog. Once you have defined your target audience, everything you put on your blog should be relevant to these people. This means you might not be able to write articles about things that are too personal or share your opinions if a part of your audience is likely not to agree with you. Interact with your audience as much as possible to learn more about these people and create more content they will be interested in.

You can monetize your blog by placing ads or banners on it. There are several pay-per-click programs you can join, but take the time to do some research about different programs before you decide to sign up. You need to find a program with a good reputation where members are well-paid. Make sure the ads and banners placed on your blog will be relevant to your customers: if your pay-per-click program places ads for things your readers are not interested in, they will not click on the ads and consider them as intrusive.
You could join an affiliate marketing program to generate an income thanks to your blog. An affiliate marketing program will require you to refer people to their site where they will be able to purchase the products advertised on your blog. Some programs require you to sell and ship products all by yourself. Compare different programs and find one that offers products your readers will be interested in. You could place banners on your blog to advertise these products or write articles about the products you sell. You should extend your presence to social networks and perhaps start a newsletter if you want to stay in touch with your audience and sell more affiliate products.

Starting your own online business can be a good way to earn money thanks to your blog. If you are talented and have been using your blog to share your art, sell prints or customized clothes and accessories to your readers. If you are not enough talented to do this, you should look for large quantities of cheap products your readers will be interested in and sell them on your blog. Provide your customers with a safe payment method such as PayPal and register your business so you can pay taxes on your income and apply for permits if you need to.
You should do more research about these different solutions. Keep in mind that monetizing your blog means more work and more obligations, such as updating your blog more regularly: ask yourself if you are ready to commit to this project before you get started.


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