Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Blog and Business

The term blog is derived from the word weblog. It started as a personal online journal where people could write and publish their own thoughts and opinions about any subject that they wanted to talk about on the internet. These are published and viewed in chronological order making it look like an online diary. There are many authors who still describe blogs as online diary. However, these are not just used to publish the personal musings and tattling of people, because these are also used for business. With this perspective in mind, it can also be said that blogs are special type of websites.

Blogging is free that is why there are many people that made use of platform to promote their businesses. Blog posts can become popular if written with authority. Through the social media networks these can be shared and thus gain popularity. With this power ready to be harnessed, businesses are taking to blogging to capture audience and build a client base.

There are several advantages of using blogs for business promotion. These advantages are:
· You don't need technical knowledge
Writing a blog is just like writing on any document editor. After you have written your piece you will just upload it to a website like or that have simple interface. You don't need to hire a web designer to do it for you because you can it all by yourself.
· Interactive
The readers can leave comments on your blog post and these comments are often a start of a lengthy discussion thread. You can take advantage of these comments to engage your readers to the products and services you offer. It is a great way to find clients and build a network.
· Organized
The posts that you have written are automatically categorized and archived by the blog site that you posted it to. This makes it easier for visitors to look for a particular article. You don't have to worry about anything else than to write you blog.
· Search Engine friendly
Blogs are easily picked up by search engine crawlers (those bots that rank you up on search results) so there is a higher probability that your article will make it to the front page of the search result.

When you create blog posts there are also guidelines that you need to bear in mind. There first one is that you must bear in mind that when you write a blog post it should not overly and directly promote your business. People don't like ready outright promotion. Just make sure that your blogs contain a wealth of information then people will keep reading it. It would also not hurt if you promote your blogs on social networking sites.
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