Saturday, 29 December 2012

Why Pinging is Good for Your Blog and Your Business!

First of all, if you have a blog then you should ping it. Now you are wondering, what is pinging? Pinging is a way to let other users and other blog tracking sites know that you have updated your blog. You should ping your blog every time you write new content and update your blog. This way others know immediately that your blog has been updated.

Now why is this good for your business?
Pinging lets people know you have updated so they will come back to your site. This allows you to build blog traffic. Your blog is connected to your business or is your business (in my case and many others) and helps to build traffic. Since pinging alerts the major blog tracking sites it then helps search engines crawl and reindex your new content much quicker. This also helps your search engine positioning which is even better for your business. It is better for your business because it brings new potential customers to your website via targeted traffic.

To ping your blog every time you update your blog, I suggest using or since these two blog pinging tools are free. Don't pay for pinging software since these tools are truly free and work just as well. You are now on your way to blogging success!
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