Thursday, 6 December 2012

How to Design Your Blog

In the field of website content writing, the design for your blog will depend on your aim for creating the blog. We will discuss three variations of blog design used for content writing. These types of designs can be used either as a general design for a blog or to generate leads. One of the ways can be used for blogs which are meant to generate income in blog writing and posting.

Regular Design for a Blog
A regular or standard design for a blog is usually aimed at fulfilling the basic need for blog writing and posting which is to keep the readers updated with 100% original SEO content, pictures and opinions. This design can be used by both companies as well as individuals.
The most difficult element of a regular design for a blog is to choose that particular theme which will actually suit your individuality. Once that is decided, you can start adding 100% original SEO content. One can also include interesting add-ons in your side bar like list of articles in the blog, gallery, etc. You must also add a feedback section where the readers will leave their comments and feedback.
Some of the add-ons that you can include are:
  • A list of recent articles;
  • Categories of blogs;
  • Blog-roll;
  • Links to your social networking account.
All these can easily be included and updated with the help of widgets and plug-ins.
Blog Design for Lead Generation
In content writing a blog intended to capture as well as to generate leads will include all the normal traits as in a normal blog. These lead specific blogs will also have a few extra features like:
  • An opt-in section;
  • A call-to-opt-in section at the bottom of every post;
  • The home page must be a squeeze-capture page;
  • An opt-in form as a pop-up that will appear moments after a person visits your blog.
In order to secure excellent opt-in values for the blog, you need to make sure that the free offers that you include in your blog are of a high quality and are capable of attracting the audience of your choice.
Blog Designs to Generate Income
In website content writing a blog that is created to generate income will have some additional features apart from the usual features that are there in a blog. Some of the essential features are:
  • A banner must be placed in the header as well as the footer and also in the side-bar;
  • Text ads in square banners must be preceding your post;
  • Place more square banner ads if your page has large content;
  • Links to suggest or advice products can be included in the sidebar as well.
In blog writing and posting, you can link your own services or products or use a product from a different source to the advertisements and the banners. Google AdSense or Amazon accounts will also help you in case you do not have any products to display. These websites fill-up the spaces that have been left in your website for placing ads after blog writing and posting and will also pay you for every click or transaction.
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