Saturday, 29 December 2012

Blog SEO - For A Rank Beginner

You've optimized your website why not your blog.

Picture it this way.
Each new post to your blog is fresh and new. I know you know this - search engines like fresh content.

I call it feeding the spider.
In this case the food is the new fresh content. What's more appealing fresh fish or fish that's been lying around for a while? See my point? Fresh fish is always better, who'd stick around smelly old fish anyway?
The same with search engines, they like fresh content that's updated often.
Even you return to a blog because of the new fresh content.Update your content often.The search engines like the fresh new content.
So, put a keyword or keyphrase in the title of each post and a few scattered out through your post and you now have optimized your content.
The search engines will love you for it!

Internal linking plays a part too. I've done this myself and the results are the search engine spider crawls my site everyday.
This is a tip that is so simple and cost you nothing but more free traffic to your site.
Wayne Hurlbert from Blog Business World says,
"Blogs are optimized using the same techniques as static websites. Keep in mind that a blog is simply another website. What works in the search engines for other sites will also work for optimizing a blog".
Great piece of advice.
The reward for the fresh content (food for the spider), the search engine spider will frequent your site more often.
Now don't forget to link to your main site with your rich keyword or keyword phrase. Many new bloggers just starting out forget to do this.
If your site is theme based, your blog page or the many pages you have on your blog can boost your PR (page rank), so by starting to blog it will benefit you in the way of more FREE traffic.

I've only scratched the surface on blog seo but you can see it is another strategy in marketing you can't afford to neglect.
Believe me, everybody and his brother are talking about blog seo. The reason why? It WORKS!
To your blogging success,
Cindy Warner owner of Christian Book Outlet writes about practical tips that work and how to get FREE traffic to your site without spending an arm and a leg.


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