Friday, 18 January 2013

Use Your Super Brain for Online Success

Ignite your Super Brain for Success
have been practicing Yoga for about 13 years now on a regular bases. Not just the physical aspects of Yoga called Hatha Yoga, but the other powerful tools that it provides as well. Yoga teaches the power of balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. The ancients of many traditions have known the power of the mind over the brain and physical body for thousands of years. This concept has been very present in Eastern spiritual traditions and yes even very early on in Western traditions as well. This is why you will find activities, exercises and tools in these traditions that help one to control their thoughts and take control of the mind. Being the controller instead of the controlled is what opens the gateway to health, creativity,imagination, exploration and the other amazing aspects of this grand universe.

I have been following Deepak Chopra for years. He is a medical doctor as well as a master spiritual teacher. I have found great benefit in his guided meditations and his books on spiritual growth and development. He has always talked about the power of thoughts. In congruence with yoga philosophy, thoughts are extremely powerful either helping or hindering our growth and development. To bring about physical,mental, emotional healing we must pay attention to what we are focusing our thoughts on. This plays a key role in what we create and bring into our life experience.
I became intrigued recently following Deepak Chopra on Facebook. He has been posting blurbs about his new book with Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D. " SUPER BRAIN". After reading several posts I knew I had to have a copy and I can tell you I am so glad I purchased it. I am excited about the way Science and Spirit have come together. Entirely too much information to get into here, but I can say they have dismantled many of the myths surrounding the brain and this my friends is good news for us. Bottom line is that the brain has an amazing ability to heal and repair and rejuvenate. This is something my favorite Bio Scientist, Stephen Cherniske has been telling us for years. He is the Chief Science Officer of Univera ( My Favorite Restorative Nutrition Company) and has been the mind behind the restorative products developed at Univera. So how can the brain do this? Feed the brain and body what they need to stay healthy, find a way to de-stress and find a passion/purpose in life. Granted, I am simplifying this tremendously, but this is exciting folks because there is now data to support what the great ancient practitioners of Yoga and other spiritual practices have known.
Why I find this powerful and can hardly contain myself while writing this is that the information can help us to be successful in our personal and professional lives. It can help us to tap into the creativity reserves and that imaginary space that moves to manifestation in our lives. You see we have a choice in how we use our brain.
Do you have a Super Brain or a Baseline Brain?
According to Deepak and Tanzi to build a "Super Brain" we need to use the gift nature has given us. Everyday we have the choice to be leader, inventor, teacher and user of the electrical and chemical activity going on in the brain. Genes do play a role, but the genes like the brain are dynamic in nature and not as set in stone as prior myths led us to believe.
WOW!!!!!Do you see the possibilities if we choose to wake up everyday and step into daily life as LEADER, INVENTOR, TEACHER, and USER of the brain. We have the opportunity to choose between the everyday brain, referred to in the Super Brain book as baseline brain, or this immensely powerful position of creator. They define Super Brain in the book as "a fully aware creator using the brain to maximum advantage".
Does that sound Empowering or what?
The book breaks down all of the areas listed above leader, inventor, teacher, and user into how a baseline brain looks as opposed to a Super Brain. Because I believe Empower Network is based on using a "Super Brain and is creating many Leaders I want to share that with you today. All of the 4 categories can impact our ability to be successful in life. Stay tuned for more about this in my future blogs.
Baseline Brain
I don't ask myself to behave very differently today than I did yesterday.
I am a creature of habit.
I don't stimulate my mind with new things very often.
I like familiarity. Its the most comfortable way to live.
If I'm being honest, there's boring repetition at home, work, and in my relationships.
Super Brain
I look upon every day as a new world.
I pay attention not to fall into bad habits, and if one sets in, I can break it fairly easy.
I like to improvise.
I abhor boredom, which to me means repetition.
I gravitate to new things in many areas of my life.
Taken from Super Brain written by Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D
This explosion of scientific research that is validating what many of us on the spiritual path have known and have been trying to implement in our lives for years is not only validating but Empowering. Folks that want to poo poo the power of positive thinking as fluff and just touchy feely kind of stuff are now confronted with research that indicates otherwise. Folks that think their gene make up is the ultimate indicator of how they will experience life and is set in a predetermined course of our ancestors is debunked.
What choice are you going to make?
... baseline brain
I know what my choice is.
I know what choice David Wood and David Sharpe of Empower Network have made. Their training modules are pushing many of us outside of our comfort zones and asking us to use our brains and creative juices to make the life we want. They also teach the power of visualization, and positive thinking in the process of manifesting your true desires.
I feel incredibly blessed to be activating my Super Brain and embarking on this tremendous opportunity to expand my business in such a creative and expansive way.
Happy Supersizing your brain to success!
Anita Jagt
Yoga Mama Blogging Success
I hope you enjoyed the article!
When I got involved in Network Marketing I was overwhelmed with all the information especially when I got online. Now that I am building a successful business online I am determined to help others do the same. I can move you through a process that teaches you how to use your "Super Brain" power to ignite your own particular creative juices. All of this, without having to move through all the layers of crap like I did, to find the pot of gold. There is a lot of mis-information and just plain hype out there. I can show you a program that provides a blogging system with real tools and real education to use those tools to be successful online. You will learn to be comfortable in your skin and not asked to duplicate an old outdated system that doesn't work. You will learn that powerful super brain tools such as,visualization and positive thought, and action are responsible for success. If you are ready to take your blogging and business to another level you can check out my blog and click one of the links to Empower you and your business. Http://


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